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Board of Directors 2023

Executive Board

Coffee's Spa (2) postcard.jpg

Committee Chairs

Website Manager - Sue Swafford


Editor Desert Footprints Newsletter - Sue Swafford & Marge Snell

Parliamentarian - Guy Hahn

Soup Suppers - Gary Gardner

Robert Griffith - President


Judy Bowman - First Vice President


Guy Hann - Second Vice President


Dot Reed - Membership Secretary


Eric Harris- Treasurer


Sue Swafford - Secretary

The Desert Hot Springs Historical Society is a non-profit

501(C)(3) incorporated in 2007.

Our Mission

The Desert Hot Springs Historical Society is dedicated to preserving, acquiring, and displaying the local history of Desert Hot Springs. 

Our Mission

Our Accomplishments

  • Informational Cards

  • Provided pictures for the city offices

  • Soup Suppers (three times/year) featuring programs on: the environment, geology, archeology, historic people, and places of the surrounding areas. 

Books Published

  • Images of America, A History of Desert Hot Springs

  • Postcards From the Desert, A Brief History of Desert Hot Springs

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