Board of Directors 2021

Executive Board

Coffee's Spa (2) postcard.jpg

Committee Chairs

Website Manager - Muffi Mendelson

Education (soup suppers & fun facts) - Audrey Moe

Editor Desert Footprints Newsletter - Lydia Kremer

Parliamentarian - Guy Hahn

Robert Griffith - President


Judy Bowman - First Vice President


Guy Hann - Second Vice President


Dot Reed - Membership Secretary


Muffi Mendelson - Treasurer


Sue Swafford - Secretary

The Desert Hot Springs Historical Society is a non-profit

501(C)(3) incorporated in 2007.

Our Mission

The Desert Hot Springs Historical Society is dedicated to preserving, acquiring, and displaying the local history of Desert Hot Springs. 


Our Accomplishments

  • Informational Cards

  • Provided pictures for the city offices

  • Soup Suppers (three times/year) featuring programs on: the environment, geology, archeology, historic people, and places of the surrounding areas. 

Books Published

  • Images of America, A History of Desert Hot Springs

  • Postcards From the Desert, A Brief History of Desert Hot Springs