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Present Day

Desert Hot Springs, CA

  • Built on an alluvial fan at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains.

  • Highest city in the Coachella Valley at 1,200 feet above sea level.

  • The windmill farm located in the San Gorgonio pass provides electricity to the Southern California grid.


  • The Mission Creek Fault, a branch of the San Andreas separates two aquifers: one hot, one cold.

  • An analysis of the hot water determined it contains a blend of natural elements with no odors. The warm curative waters continue to define the city of Desert Hot Springs into a thriving community of boutique and day spas along with large resorts.


  • The cold and pure water has won many gold, silver, and bronze medals. No other municipal water supplier in the entire world can match the Mission Springs Water District record. 

Visit Cabot's Pueblo Museum to learn more about the unique town of Desert Hot Springs. 


Vortexes are powerful and concentrated energy sources.


Unique to Desert Hot Springs are the five energy sources: sun, wind, mountain peak alignment, earthquake faults, and geothermal underground water. 

Desert Hot Springs is located on top of two aquifers, pure cold water and varying degrees of hot water containing a large variety of minerals including Lithium. 

This vortex's energy creates an unusual situation where healing and health are experienced through both hot and cold mineral water combined with other vortex elements making Desert Hot Springs a healing oasis in the desert. 

Known and powerful Vortexes on Earth: The Pyramids of Egypt, Native American Prayer Circles, Sedona (Arizona), and Desert Hot Springs. 

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