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Desert Hot Springs

Historical Society

Our Goal, Staff & Accomplishments

The Hot Springs, Vortex, & Views 

Desert Hot Springs. Why?

"It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition."

Henry James

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Fun Facts

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November 2021 Fun Facts

Bobo, King of the Dogs

Desert Hot Springs had a dog. The dogs elected him King of Dogs, and the people of Desert Hot Springs did too. Bobo belonged to Glenn and Albertine Blackhart. When they sold Builder’s Supply, Jim Meeks took over and the dog too. Meeks was so good to Bobo, he kissed the Blackharts good-bye and stayed with the truck and the business, loyal to his village.  If his people were away, the butcher shops and restaurants fed him. 

According to the Desert Sentinel of December 27, 1951,

Everyone respected Bobo and loved him.  He was our mascot, big, white, a bull, but not of the English variety. He was lithe, agile, and never snored…He was following the truck, in the rain out on Pierson Blvd and was killed instantly by an oncoming car…We will all be limping along lonesome without Bobo.  God bless him.  Here was a dog.  When comes such another?


And, on another note…

A black and white photo was found on a windowsill of the Rock House at 66-050 3rd Street by one of the workers.  On the back was written Emma and either Bonie or Bon’e.  If any of our readers recognize this picture and have any information, please get in touch.  E-mail info@DHShistoricalSociety or write to PO Box 422, Desert Hot Springs, 92240, CA.

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